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Here's the coverage I'm currently aware of (list under construction).  If you find any more articles in major publications, please let me know using the Contact page!

bullet Text messaging
bulletNews providers
bullet Le métro au Super Bowl, 24 Heures, 7 Feb 2012
bullet OMG: Text messaging turns 19 this week … and this is the Brit we have to thank for our sore thumbs, Daily Mail, 7 Dec 2011 (caused a former colleague in Switzerland to spatter his coffee over his monitor)
bullet The Text Message Turns 19, Huffington Post, 5 Dec 2011
bullet SMS Text Messaging turns 19 years old today, oneindia news, 4 Dec 2011
bullet The IoS Happy List 2008 - the 100, Independent on Sunday, 27 Apr 2008
bullet OMG! Txt msgs r 15 yrs old :), The Gazette, 8 Dec 2007 (brought in by my boss to the office Christmas party that night)
bullet 15 years of text messages, a 'cultural phenomenon,' International Herald Tribune, 5 Dec 2007 (spotted by a friend in Dubai)
bullet 101 gadgets that changed the world, Independent, 3 Nov 2007
bulletMT THE MAN WHO SNT WRLDS FRST TXT MSSGE IN 92, The Sun, 21 Dec 2005
bullet UK hails 10th birthday of SMS, Times of India, 4 Dec 2002
bullet Hppy bthdy txt!, BBC News, 3 Dec 2002
bullet10 Yrs of Txt, Daily Mirror, 3 Dec 2002
bulletIndustry websites
bullet Timeline of Text Messaging History,, 2 Dec 2011
bullet First ever text message sent 18 years ago today, mediaburst, 3 Dec 2010
bullet Happy Birthday SMS!, 160 Characters Association, 5 Dec 2007
bulletOther tech sites
bullet Happy Birthday, Text Messaging, Tech Guy Labs, 3 Dec 2011 (shout out to Leo Laporte - I'm a big fan and once came to see the Screensavers show filmed live!)
bullet SMS Text Messaging Turns 19 Years Old, Hot Hardware, 3 Dec 2011
bullet Happy birthday SMS: 15 today, IT Pro, 3 Dec 2007
bulletFilm, TV and radio
bullet Le métro de Montréal s'invite au Super Bowl, TVA Nouvelles, 7 Feb 2012
bulletPuisqu'il faut se lever, 98.5fm, 7 Feb 2012
bullet Phone Innovators: Official 2012 Best Buy Game Day Commercial, Super Bowl XLVI, 5 Feb 2012
bullet Mobile Planet, 2008
bulletInterview with Marcus Lush, Radio Live, New Zealand, Mar 2008
bulletBooks and magazines
bullet Mobile Planet: Connecting the World, Oct 2008
bulletWhat I did for London, The London Magazine, May 2007


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